FUJITSU Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Fujitsi Mini-Split Heat Pumps are an inexpensive way to Heat and Cool your home or business.  Air Source Heat Pumps operate more efficiently than typical Heating and Air-Conditioning equipment.  Using Variable Speed Technology, they can operate to match the load conditions instead of constantly kicking on and off like conventional equipment.

In addition to the popular Wall Mount Unit, Fujisu also offers a Floor Mount, Ceiling Cassette, Slim Duct and Multi-Position Air Handling Unit.  This variety allows for so many different applications including conventional furnace replacement.

Fujitsu is so confident in the quality of their Minisplit equipment that they offer a standard 10 year warranty on most equipment.  Stratus Mechanical Services is a Fujitsu Elite Contractor.  This means that for any eligible Fujitsu equipment that we install you can get an additional two years added to the factory warranty!     

We're also a partner with Enerbank and can offer great finance incentives.

For more information, check out Fujitsu's Impressive Line of Equipment

Stratus Mechanical Services is a part of EnergizeCT's Heat Pump Installer Program.  Qualifying systems are eligible for a mail-in rebate that could be worth $1000s for Eversource and UI Customers!

Check out EnergizeCT for more info.