Before You Buy a Ho​me 

One of the Most Important Things...

Most people settle with a Home Inspection company to perform this critical task.  These companies do a fine job making an overall assessment of the home.  But they don't look closely at one of the most important parts of the home; the Heating and Air Conditioning system.  That's where we can help.    

A Complete Inspection Report

I guarantee you will not find a more comprehensive inspection of your next home's Heating and Air Conditioning system.

We will document all of the main system components for the entire Heating, Air Conditioning and Domestic Hot Water system.

Then we'll go throu​gh the entire system and document Key Performance Items such as:

  • Combustion Analysis
  • Control Safety Testing
  • Accessory Equipment Testing (circulator pumps, humidifiers, etc.)
  • Domestic Hot Water Temperature and Duration Testing
  • Condensing Unit Inspection and Testing
  • Indoor Air Condition Unit Inspection and Testing
  • Check Thermostat Operation

Don't Fall Victim to Unexpected Costs

Your Inspection Report will contain suggested repairs and upgrades.  We'll give an estimate for the cost of those repairs and upgrades. We'll also estimate the expected life of the equipment and arm you with the information you'll need to negotiate with the seller.

Check out a sample of our HVAC Inspection Report

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